Lazy Az was an on-demand delivery service in Auckland, New Zealand. It was founded by then seventeen-year-old entrepreneur Aryaman Taore. The company started operations in 2016 with a modest initial capital of $1,750. Customers were able to order through their app (both iOS and Android) or on their website.

The idea was similar to that of Uber, with partner drivers opting for jobs or orders that were close to them. If one driver does not accept an order, the order will be passed on to another, until someone accepts the order.

Lazy Az was a hit to customers because unlike the traditional courier companies that offer simple delivery, Lazy Az customers were able to order anything online – from food to flowers to stationeries to makeup to clothes, and many more – from over 256 participating partner stores around the city, including Sal’s Pizza, Pita Pit, and more. On top of this, all orders were delivered in less than an hour. According to Aryaman, it was a combination of the reliability and familiarity of local stores and restaurants, and the convenience of online shopping. In 2017, Lazy Az was averaging 5,000 to 6,000 deliveries every month, with more or less 10,000 users. 

Forty percent of the company’s revenue came from delivery charges ($7.99 delivery rate) and sales commission. The remaining 60 came from its partners.

In 2017, Aryaman told the media that his company was on track to reach an annual turnover of $1M, and was not worried by the introduction of other on demand delivery service companies, such as UberEats and Amazon. However, despite this announcement, Lazy Az went into liquidation in 2018 due to insufficient working capital to cover cost of operations. According to the liquidator’s first report, the company incurred substantial debt during its set-up and required much more capital investment than Aryaman was able to provide.

Following the liquidation, all their staff have been made redundant. It is also not known yet how much the company owes their creditors. 


Lazy Az Partners

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